Little Ones.

A few quick ones:

Call in the cavalry! Victoria Beckham flies to Milan to cheer up David after disastrous match

Another reference to Vic's bunions. I make that 11 since November 27th - And I'm not including all the general bunion stories and columns the mail has printed inspired by Mrs Beckham's poor tootsies.

Passengers left stunned after Muslim bus driver pulls over and begins praying in the aisle

'It even went through my mind that this might be some sort of terrorist attack with the bus blown up because I had heard that suicide bombers prayed before attacks' says the interviewee in this story - likely prefixed by the words "I'm not racist, but..."

You want broadband? That'll be £45,000, BT tells couple

"Mr Walker said that although the current available broadband speed in the village was only half a megabite it would be a huge improvement on painfully slow dial up." - Jesus, that's on your fucking WEBSITE.

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