Feet 3: Bunions Strike Back.

Guess what?

Victoria Beckham still has Bunions.

Yeah, still.

They still haven't changed, stabbed a nurse, blown a bus up, or sold the cliffs of Dover to Forruns: Nope, they're just deformed little toesies.

But still, the Mail continue to bang on about them, in an article which, when stripped down to it's essence, can be summed up in three words: Woman Wears Shoes. And this is one of their lead stories, right at the top of the page.

So that's 4 articles in two weeks now, on a woman's deformed feet - And this one's a lead story.

Just think about that for a second. Really let it sink in. Not a single front page was given to the victims of Haiti, but stories about one person's deformed feet are given as much space on their homepage as Ali Dizaei. Does that not reek of a paper who have got their priorities a little bit mixed up?

Now I realise that I'm just as bad for going on about the Mail going on about them, but I really believe that the person who wrote that article could have been better utilised writing something a little more worthwhile - But to be fair, it was that charming Daily Mail Reporter chap, and he does write tons.

Oh, and look, there's Littlejohn's column. Joy be unrefined.

Oh good, he's called Gordon Brown crying over the death of his daughter "despicable".

There's something about Littlejohn's smile. It's the smile a man would give you while he held a knife to your scrotum.

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