I Only Look At The Pictures.

This story is not about Big Brother.

So what picture did the Mail Use on it's homepage?

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This one. Which is to do with Big Brother, as you can tell. A cycnical mind might think: "Hmm, Big Brother is quite a popular subject, and this story is tangentially related. Clicky clicky linky linky...." - Which would also go some way to explaining why the headline is also so vague if you don't know what the story's about.

I'll say it now: Daily Mail, you are a bunch of lazy clickbaiting turds. STOP IT YOU SHITBAGS.


Desperately Seeking Something.

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This man is 'desperately seeking attention' because of his choice of jewelery.

But when Katy Perry does this:
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Then that's fine.

Why? Who the fuck knows. Maybe it's because pictures of a young woman in a rubber dress get more clicks than pictures of domestic abusers wearing video game themed jewelry.

And anyway, he might be desperate for attention, but you've fucking given it him, haven't you? "Look how desperate he is for attention, everyone! Here's another picture begging us for validation! Look, and another one! And a few hundred words about him! Look, he really wants attention but we're not going to gi-Oh, shit. Best write nasty shit about him instead, pass it off as that 'Reporter' account..."