If I were Kim Kardashian, I'd be most unhappy. It would seem that she's now been replaced by another woman in the Daily Mail obsession stakes.

Well, to be more precise, another woman's feet:

Bunions Beckham: Years of killer heels have left Victoria in agony - and in need of an urgent operation

Victoria Beckham shows off her pedicure (and bunion) as she loses a shoe

Have bunions got the better of Victoria Beckham? Posh swaps high heels for ballet flats

Posh ditches heels for new look... or is she just having trouble with her bunions?

Dressed down Victoria Beckham sticks to flats for a day out with the boys

Sorry Posh, your bunions aren't safe in flats either!

Mind my bunions! Barefoot Posh hit by a wave as she dips her toes in the Pacific

Despite the painful bunions, Victoria Beckham squeezes back into heels for long-haul flight to London

What bunions? Kelly Brook looks all Posh in pair of killer heels... but confesses she struggles to walk in them

That's right. 9 stories about Victoria Beckham's bunions have been written since November 27th last year. The bunions haven't changed at any point, but the Mail feel like they need to report on them, including two stories today. Of course, one could argue that it's a shrewd way of sticking pictures of women in high heels on the front of their website, or perhaps another excuse to bash someone for the way they look - But I'm fairly certain that most reasonable, non-insane human beings would argue that the journalists paid to write these articles (Especially that "Daily Mail Reporter" chap, he writes shitloads) could have been better off utilised covering something important, or perhaps doing some fact checking.

Shame those bunions weren't in Haiti, really.

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