Read The Bloody Story.

From This:
For the study, 16,507 Americans across the generations were asked to complete surveys to gauge their attitudes as they were finishing secondary school. The 'biggest change' in values was the increased desire for leisure time among Generation Y, analysis found.

And from the comments:

Generation Y must be refering to the same generation who were brought up to believe they were all equally fantastic during Sports Day in school and all of whom went home with a 'medal' boasting of their sporting achievements.

Nah, I doubt it. This story is about American kids. Were you not paying attention?

Oh, you weren't?

Well, that does make a change.

NB: How the Mail thinks this is relevant to their target audience is anybody's guess, apart from the fact that it's another way to bash 'da yoof'. Interestingly, if young people want to get a job and better themselves, that's not bloody good enough either.

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