What I've Witnessed.

Ah yes, this Blog thing. I should update this more often.

Anyhow, with the election coming up, it's obviously been a hot topic in pubs and various other social establishments across the country - And it's interesting to see what people think of politicians.

After being part of a few conversations on the topic, and overhearing a few more, I decided to collate my findings somehow.

Aroundabout this point, I discovered Scroobius Pip, and that's why this blog entry has an audio element to it. I feel I should shut up and let the audio tell the rest of the story - Just remember that these aren't neccesarily my opinions, just what I've heard from friends, family and the general public.

What I've witnessed by Spann

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  1. Thats clever.
    lots of swearing!and a bit too cynical maybe!