Vigilante Justice.

Oh, the Mail are at it again.

As usual, I'm not linking to the article in question; But today everyone's favourite little haterag is running a story with the following headline:
Millionaire who fought off a knife-wielding burglar is jailed (while the intruder is let off)

Now, obviously, you've just read that and thought "Well, that's awful. Broken Britain, etc etc.", and if you're one of the Mail's usual kneejerk jackasses no doubt you've scrolled straight to the comments page and spewed some ill-informed brainwank all over it about how our country's a joke, then returned to stomping around the garden shouting "Worst country in Europe!" - More on that in a minute. It's written in the Mail's usual shamelessly sensationalist style - Basically what it's saying is "This perfectly decent fella, right? Well, all he did was try to protect his family from this horrible attacker with a knife and got sent to jail - And the burglar, right, he only got let off, didn't he? Bloody broken Britain eh? Bet he got given a free car 'n' all."

But those of us a little more au fait with the Mail's casual attitude to the truth might not be surprised to read the following a few paragraphs in:
Reading Crown Court heard how Mr Hussain and his brother then beat Salem while he lay on the ground, using a cricket bat, a pole and a hockey stick - leaving him with a fractured skull and brain damage following the 'sustained' attack.

Now, Mr Hussain and his Brother aren't the robbers as you might think - no, they're the 'victims' of the British legal system in this case. Mr Salem was in fact the burglar, and while I'm not for one minute condoning burglary, I'm fairly certain he didn't deserve to be bludgeoned with a cricket bat until he received brain damage - To me, that's using a hammer to crack a nut. Or a chunk of wood to crack a skull, more precisely.

Oh, did I mention that the attack didn't even occur on Mr Hussain's property? That's right, they chased him down the frigging road before shattering a cricket bat over his head.

Now I'm sorry, but does this not seem a touch excessive to anyone?

Well apparently it does to a few readers of the Mail:
I wish people would think sometimes. No one is saying that you shouldn't defend yourself, but these people took it too far. They battered the criminal when he was running away. I know I would have given him a good thump if I had caught up with him, but they went one step too far.

I know people will disagree with me but who cares, I don't.

Typical rabid comments by the DM brigade, the guy wasn't in any danger when he caught the burglar he wasn't even in his own property but still caved his skull in with a cricket bat.

The verdict is just.

There'a prize to anyone who can guess whether they're the best or worst rated.

No, I'm joking; Everybody already knows the answer. That's right, they've been red marked into oblivion.

That first comment? in the 52 minutes since this article went up, it's managed to muster itself a score of -954. That's right, a person who suggested that damn near killing a man might have overstepped the mark has been discounted by nearly a thousand people. The best rated comment?
What a joke our justice system is.

I'd have killed the intruders with no hestitation if they threatened to kill any memeber of my family!

Those lowlife criminals are lucky to be alive!

Riiiiight. These people, who are so opposed to Sharia Law and the "Islamification" of this country, want to punish this man with death. Now, true enough, he was responsible for tying up and threatening a family, but in what world should that punishable by vigilante murder with a blunt object?

On the subject of Sharia law, that was also bought up in the comments (As you can probably guess, the people involved in the story are Muslims) - Not that any of the commenters bothered to find out whether the people involved believe in Hadd Offenses or not, just the fact that they're Muslims is obviously enough to decide that hands should be removed and stones should be flung by a bunch of sheltered, bigotted rightwing numpties that basically just want the right to shoot brown people if they come anywhere near their houses.

These same people also wrote letters that were read out in court, defending Mr Hussain. That's right; Daily Mail readers wrote letters defending a man who had recently chased another through the street and nearly ended his life.

You couldn't make it up.

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