I'm a few days late on this one, but give me a chance; I don't often read psychotically self obsessed BBC hating blogs that complain about things like a retired old colonel, simultaneously wetting himself and flinging ash from his pipe across the room as he barks at the telly - I'm usually too busy reading my own. Naked. As I stare at myself in the mirror.

So, the other day, Marcus Brigstocke had a bit of a rant about Daily Mail Rent-a-Quote Public interest group The Taxpayer's Alliance on a Radio 4 show. Now, I don't know your opinion of the TPA, but it's fair to say that if you're reading my blog you probably think roughly the same way as me (And by extension, Mister Brigstocke):- As such, you probably think The Taxpayers Alliance are a bunch of cunts who exist purely to add a little bile to stories in the Daily Mail when something state-funded does anything other than kicking a Labour PM to the ground and stamping on his fingers with a giant jack-booted foot.

So now, you're probably thinking "Good work, Marcus. Give yourself a pat on the back." I know I am.

But of course, there are also people who don't think like you or I: Stuffy people who send their entire life incandescent with rage about how the government spend their money unless they're forcing it down the throats of the middle class so hard you'd think they're making Fois Gras; People who would rather set fire to their own genitals than burn currency. These people love the Tax Payer's Alliance, because every time one of them ejaculates their latest brainsquizz over the faces of eager journalists, it just serves to add to their view that Britain is stumbling drunkenly towards a pit full of knife crime, ASBOs and Sharia law - or, in the case of the blog being discussed today, have a bizarre delusion that because the BBC is state funded, it means they can wander through the halls of Broadcasting house wearing only a shirt and socks, hiring and firing anyone who displeases them - Which is quite often everyone.

I'm not in the way of linking to this tat, but if you want to read it, Google "Burning Our Money", and it's the first hit, the entry is dated Dec 6th.

In this post, Wat Tyler (Clever name, Wat) has heard that Brigstocke has said some nasty things about the TPA, and as a result is struggling to contain the steam pouring out of his ears because he's realised that he is personally paying for this outrage. The BBC, it would appear, specifically kept Tyler's TV licence money back in an envelope labeled "Brigstocke" see, and every time he says something they like, they chuck him a fiver like you'd throw a seal a fish, just to annoy Wat.

Seriously, what kind of selfish cretin says this:

...But please don't ask me to pay for it. I don't find Brigstocke remotely funny, and I wouldn't dream of paying to see him.

Unfortunately, the tax-funded BBC doesn't give me a choice. It forces me to pay the telly tax, and then uses a chunk of it to employ this dire big government "comedian". Not only that, but it also gives him a national platform to hector and insult the growing number of us who are sick of being ripped off to pay for things we just don't want. Like Brigstocke.

I was going to write a list of the people I don't like on the BBC here, but on reflection, it would take far too long. I hate everyone on Strictly Come Dancing, I hate Eastenders and I hate Graham Norton. But, at the same time, I know that millions of other people across the country enjoy watching these things, and as a result I don't go stomping my feet demanding they be taken off the air because I don't like them - I also enjoy shows that I know other people don't like as well. Unfortunately Mr Tyler, the world revolves around neither you, nor your demands that people you dislike be taken off the air, and as a result you can throw as many toys out of your pram as you like, because as you state yourself, there is a market for what Brigstocke said, and so long as the BBC are providing the public (Who are paying for it, don't forget) an opportunity to hear it, they're doing exactly what they should be - Giving the public what they want. I don't like Frankie Boyle, in fact I think he's one of the worst comedians in the country, but so long as enough people want to see him, the BBC are doing their job by putting him on telly. Oh, and I'm sorry to burst your bubble Wat, but the BBC do give you a choice whether you watch Brigstocke or not. They have four TV channels, countless radio stations and the most reliable news website I've ever used. Or, you could watch another channel, as the BBC is so full of evil lefties coming to chuck your licence fee into the sea then kick your car in.

True enough, Brigstocke was born into a life of money and privilege, I'm not going to disagree with facts; But what is plain to see is that he is not "decrying those who seek to create wealth for themselves", because he can see the Taxpayer's alliance for what they are, a bunch of bitter, miserable, people eager to offer backup to whatever lies are splurged across the right-wing press on any given day of the week, and as someone born into a life like he was, it's refreshing to see that money is not, in fact, the most important thing to him. In fact, knowing that Marcus was born into money but stands for socialism has suddenly made me respect a great deal more.

And finally - This is more of a personal gripe than anything else - please don't put the word comedian in quote marks just because you disagree with what he's saying - Brigstocke has been very successful at making people laugh on TV, radio and stage - And as a result, he is a fine example of a comedian. True enough, I'm not a huge fan of his, but while people like Jim Davidson and Roy Brown are called comedians, I think it's a little harsh to demean someone's profession just because YOU don't like it. I don't call you a "blogger" just because I think what you say is tripe.

I'll stop doing something other than defending comedians soon, promise.

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