So, FIFA want to ban the Vuvuzela, because it can offend and annoy a few people who don't appreciate it.

In defence, pro-Vuvuzela parties have stated that it is part of their country's heritage and tradition, and as such should not be banned and should remain in stadiums. Just because foreigners don't like it, there's no reason not to have the Vuvuzela, they say, and they're right. They say they'll continue bringing the Vuvuzela with them, and they'll carry it proudly

People from all over the world, however, have decided that the Vuvuzela must be banned, as they don't like it, and won't listen to reason.

Now relpace the world 'Vuvuzela' with 'English Flag', and weep huge tears of shame that we live in such a fucking hypocritical country. You shit yourselves in defiance every time some rag spits out a story about banning a piece of our heritage and culture, but you've got no problem sitting at home and demanding that people aren't allowed to have theirs. You insufferable, hypocritical cunts. If you had a shred of self awareness in you, your own morality would have strangled you to death by now.



  1. "Now relpace the world 'Vuvuzela' with 'English Flag'" - good argument! Resort to swapping words to create hypothetical situations!

    "You shit yourselves in defiance every time some rag spits out a story about banning a piece of our heritage and culture" - no I don't.

  2. fatuous, spurious arguement.
    Incomparable example.
    Use bagpipes as the alternate and you have an comparison.

    Nonsense post.

  3. It's nothing to do with culture and it's not their culture anyway, they were brought in around the mid 90s anyway! It's purely about the fact that it's fucking annoying incessant moronic drone that never lets up!! It destroys all the atmosphere that the game itself creates. To compare them to people flying England flags is hysterical and desperate.

  4. And yet rattles and horns are seen regularly. For crying out loud, surely this is unnecessary for a tournament which will last a few weeks and then go elsewhere? If South Africa want a vuvuzela, let them have it - it's their country.

  5. But the flying of flags doesn't cause any kind of problem for anyone, hence why people get annoyed when people (allegedly) want to ban them. There is no reason to. But there are a pile of reasons why these evil things should be banned. The decibel levels cause hearing problems, they spread the flu virus, they spoil the atmosphere and you can't hear the real atmosphere that a football match creates, players can't hear each other, their manager or the referee, I could go on! But we're not allowed to complain because it's their culture? I'm sure there'd be more condemnation if it were American culture, that'd be fine, but because it's Africa, and Africa is 'cool', we can't criticise.

  6. Good point.

    To the first commenter: If you, personally, are important enough that simply writing "no I don't" can torpedo an argument relating to the whole of England, it would be helpful to know who you are.

    Maybe flags aren't a perfect analogy but it is the other 'ban' that's making the news at the moment. The point is that if the World Cup was here in England, and one of our traditional methods of expressing support (even if that tradition only dated back to the 90s too) was being criticised, all merry hell would break loose.

  7. I live in quite an affluent part of town and for the majority of the year it's lovely. Recently though the plastic England chav tag flags have arrived and made the area look like a low-rent BNP convention. I have no problem with people being patriotic, but people making my neighbourhood look like a shit tip I do have a problem with. 545 small minded people have complained to the BBC about Vuvuzelas and Christ, I hope it takes away any enjoyment they may get from watching football.

    Yeah lets defend peoples right to highlight the fact that they're a massive chav by having a plastic flag flying from their fucking aerial. As far as the rights of everyone else goes though, who really gives a shit if it's their national culture, and adored by millions. Small minded cunts watching in the UK don't like it so surely they should be made to bend over backwards to keep us sweet. i suppose they need to complain about them now though, I mean it's not as if we will even get through the first round anyway is it!

  8. The writer is not using the example of the English flag ban to show any kind of severity, they are trying to show how utterly stupid it is to kick up a fuss about banning something when they are part of culture (no matter how long that tradition has been around!). You may find them annoying, but I would much rather hear them than seeing 150000 million billion The Sun issued plastic 'chav flags' covering the streets. People put them on their cars and do not uphold the law that they should be removed when driving on the motorway, so they are dangerous littering our motorways and roads.

  9. I see those flags where I live all the time, and I have no problem with them.

    This would be because I live in Toronto [a month and counting now], and most of the flags I see come World Cup time are different. Hell, sometimes they aren't even the same from the left window to the right window. There was one car with a Cross of St. George on one side, and a Danish Cross of Whoever on the other. I don't even know why, for all I know, they were Chinese, and trying to improve the Feng Shui of their car.

    Yesterday, I saw two ladies in a car with Italia tracksuit, with a giant Italian flag. The tracksuit tops were unzipped to reveal extremely low-cut tops. Brightened up my walk home immeasurably.

    In conclusion: Cultural Diversity is a Good Thing. Most stories about something being banned involve someone taking something far too seriously.

  10. If the vuvuzelas didn't give me a headache I wouldn't mind so much. They are an awful invention, they drown out chanting and almost every other type of noise in the stadium. I'm only glad I haven't spent lots of money to go there. What a let down that would have been.

  11. Stop talking shite.16 June 2010 at 11:24

    If a shitty plastic horn at a footy match is cultural heritage then bollocks to the culture.

    However, I dunno how it could be. Don't confuse a habit with heritage.

    Also, they are HOSTING. It is not their fucking world cup. It is FIFA's. The peasants and their horns aren't paying for this, the TV audiences of the world are.

    So by some sort of crappy libertarian, property right bullshit argument, we pay, we choose, and what 'right' have some screaming African peasants to tell US what to do with OUR international football tournament.

    Or some other bollocks argument.

  12. The thing with the vuvuzela is there's a serious safety argument to be made. Those things can produce 130dB, which, if sustained, can cause permanent hearing damage.
    Plus, if you're maintaining that sort of sound throughout the match, there's no way the crowd will be able to hear emergency announcements.

    Either someone will sue for hearing damage, or someone will be seriously injured because nobody can hear anything, then we'll be rid of the fucking things for good.

  13. I LOVE vuvuzelas!
    ANYTHING which spoils a game of football is tops on my list!!
    Moronic game played by prima donnas paid exorbitant amounts and not one of them with an IQ as big as their boot size.