Self Awareness.

This is an oldie, but a goody.
Here is a brief – and terrifying - glimpse into the world of those people who spend time commentating on the Daily Mail’s website.

This morning the paper posted a story about a paedophile who is to be beheaded and then crucified in Saudi Arabia under the country’s Sharia law (not normally a Mail favourite).

So far the story has attracted nearly 300 comments. To gauge the tone of the debate we decided to look at the top rated comments and then the worst rated.

Very instructive.

Here they are:


A good punishment for a sick peado. Why can''t we hand out this very appropriate sentence to UK offenders? Put it this way, he won't re-offend, or cost the taxpayer anything in the future.

- MARTIN CANE, CLITHEROE, 4/11/2009 8:47

well that is certainly a punishment that fits the crime, pity we can't have a few in our courts.

- Jane, UK, 3/11/2009 20:02

fair punishment for a terrible crime against children ... should be the other way round crcify him, castrate him too for good measure and then behead him just before he dies.

- Nick, Chatham Kent, 4/11/2009 8:47

Let's see what the do gooders say about this decision.

- KDINSYDNEY, Sydney, Australia, 3/11/2009 19:59

It strikes me that if Sharia Law was called "Big Billy British's Bulldogs, Pie, Chips and Football Law Who-are-ya who-are-ya who-are-ya", it would be far more popular.

The fact that people will bellow "Muslims are animals, they still stone people" in the same breath as "Paedophiles want bloody stringing up" without a hint of irony astonishes me.

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