Dog Gives Birth To Puppy, Newspaper Considers it News.

Well done Mariah Carey...'s dog.

ChaCha, the Jack Russell owned by the aforementioned diva, has had a puppy.

Do you care?

Well, the Mail do, evidently: Not only has somebody wasted two hundred words on this complete and utter non-story, it's currently listed in the 'Don't Miss' section of the website, along with the terrifying news that Natalie Imbruglia wore the same dress two days running. OH FUCKING NO.

Elsewhere, some horrendous people call Konnie Huq fat, some more twats say Nadine Coyle looks better now she's put weight on, and there's an article about how hard it is to be a woman but not have a man (even the pro-single woman talks about how "There are times, particularly on a long winter's night, when the familiar ache of loneliness creeps in", like she's a fucking Disney princess or something).

So, everything's normal in Daily Mail world today.

Seriously, what's the fucking point?

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