Sue Reid.

Having just Read 5 Chinese Crackers' excellent post (Thanks for bringing this to my attention) on Sue Reid'd latest journalistic lazy wank detailing how all those naughty, naughty darkies have come over here and demanded their children be cured of their horrific diseases, like medical care is some sort of human right or something (Which is a moot point, as we know human rights are only for white, middle class Christian Brits), I decided to do something I very rarely do: I clicked through to the Mail's article.

And it would seem that the story is worse than I thought.

Click here for the map in question.

Only eighteen children from the UK? Quite apart from the fact that all this image is based on is a paper frigging map on the wall of a children's ward, You will notice that there are more stickers on Britain than anywhere else - The USA comes in second place, and given how hard they're trying to keep their privatised health care that they're so proud of (Nationalised medical care is for Commies! Oh Say, can't you sing...), I think it's safe to say that those Americans are not health tourists, which is what the article implies. Apparently 3 Canadian children were treated by this hospital. Well, that makes up for the fact that my girlfriend's sister just moved to Canada with her family, including three children then - I think that means Canada and us are equal. After all, as every Daily Mail reader knows, the only way to judge immigration into this country is to compare it to how much we do it to theirs ("You don't see us goin' to no Oogieboogiestan and building no churches...").

The same number of people came from Australia as Pakistan, but interestingly enough, I've never heard a single person complain about all the Ozzies in the country, ("They come over here, barbequeue our food, put up with our weather... Makes me right plum sick, it does") nor all the Americans either; And don't forget, the yanks were more of a 'strain' on 'our' NHS than both India and Pakistan were - In fact, combine India and Pakistan's figures together, and they still don't equal the amount of people treated from the USA and Australia combined - And as previously mentioned, both of these countries have fantastic health care systems, and neither of these countries are mentioned when the Mail start beating the immigration dead horse once again - But of course, it would be churlish of me to think that that's because they're white, Christian countries, wouldn't it?.

In fact, given the fact that 30 million people come to this country every year on holiday, I think we should give the people detailed on this map the benefit of the doubt - After all, it's entirely possible that their children have been struck ill while they're over here, and they've been treated by the well meaning and diligent staff of this ward.

It would appear that 5CC have updated their article with the following quote:

'Chelsea and Westminster Hospital is a specialist referral centre and cares for patients of many different backgrounds, reflecting London’s very diverse population.

'Of the 550 babies admitted to our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) every year, a very small number of these are overseas patients. In 2009, there have been just two overseas admissions.

'The map was placed in the NICU nearly four years ago to provide the families of the babies we care for, as well as staff, with an opportunity to indicate their background if they wished. It is not an indication of country of residence or citizenship.

'It was intended to illustrate the diversity of staff working on the unit and the families of the babies we care for, to encourage everyone to reflect on different cultures, in a fun and informal way.

'Chelsea and Westminster Hospital’s NICU provides intensive care, high dependency and special care facilities for babies and is a specialist referral centre for neonatal surgery.'

So, a horrible article, based on wildly inaccurate figures, implying that foreigners are ruining the country and that our tax money is being wasted. All it needed was a picture of Jordan's tits and to implicate the BBC and all of you playing Daily Mail bingo would have had a full house.

Something else has just struck me; This was an Intensive Care ward for children. How many parents, when told their baby is dying, turn to the doctors and say "Well, get him off that drip, doc - We're taking him to Blighty"? None, I think it's safe to bet.

One final thought, however, and I truthfully hope Sue Reid reads this (If there's anybody reading that knows how we can do that, please leave a comment):-


Taken to it's logical conclusion, what Sue Reid is implying is this: That staff at this hospital have saved Children from a multitude of different countries, when they should have turfed them out onto the street for not being British, where they could die in the gutter like the dogs that they are - Hey, one less foreign in the world to worry about, eh?

I'm going to go out on a limb here, and say that if you were to peel back Sue Reid's skin, you wouldn't find bones, organs and muscles like you would in a human; just a shiny metal carapace with the words "DISGUST-O-BOT 3000" stamped into it.

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